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stepping through God's open door
when compassion meets action

Do you question God's purpose for your life? Do you sometimes struggle with seeking His will over your own?

If you said yes, welcome! You're in the right place. This group study explores the idea of divinely placed open doors and the transformative effect of obediently walking through them toward a more caring and meaningful life.

In the end, you'll discover deep, soul-level satisfaction as you align your priorities with what matters most to God.

This experience was designed for:

  • Church Message Series

  • Small Groups

  • Sunday School

  • Bible Studies


Live Out Your Compassion Today

Sponsor a child living in extreme poverty. Choose a boy or girl from any of 25 different countries and transform his or her life through food, medical care, educational support and the gospel message.

Are You Ready to Live Beyond Yourself?

This group study will help you become a wise decision maker as you develop three key skills:



Learn how to look for the open door opportunities God sets before us all.



Believe God’s intention to present these doors so we may flourish and bless others.



Say “yes” to the privilege of honoring God by serving His children living in poverty.

A 5-Session Group Study Experience

Session 1Decisions, Decisions

Life is brimming with choices. How you choose to spend your time, energy and resources has the power to change today and eternity—for yourself and others. This session explores how we can choose to join Jesus on a journey toward more compassionate living.

Session 2The Real Reason You’re Here

Why are we here? What’s our purpose? God’s desire is that we flourish, using our gifts, passions, callings and blessings so that we can live beyond ourselves and relieve the suffering of others. How can we be conduits for redemption?

Session 3The Power of “Your People”

The Bible is full of people who achieved more in community than they could have done alone. This session encourages us to think about our family and friends. What good could we bring to the world if we acted together, on mission?

Session 4The Church at Its Best

The local church is God’s chosen tool and strategy to spread His teachings to all the nations of the world. In this session, we discuss what an Acts 2 church looks like and how we could more fully participate in our own church’s ministry to the poor.

Session 5When “Yes” Spreads

When we approach life with a “yes” mindset, and walk fearlessly through God’s open doors, we inspire those around us to do the same. This final session digs into contagious compassion and how it can radically transform the lives of people in poverty.

“I love this topic of the open door. When people begin to give, they want to give more. As they begin to serve, they want to serve more. We are made to dream about doing for God today and tomorrow what we couldn’t do for Him yesterday. I hope your church will join us in this experience.”

John Ortberg
Senior Pastor, Menlo Church

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Want to check it out?

Test-drive the group study experience. Access the first session, "Decisions, Decisions" now.

Activate Your Compassion

Enjoy the fruits of living beyond yourself. Be a part of God’s plan to redeem the world by walking through this open door and opening your heart to children in poverty.

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