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A Life-Changing Group Experience

Find the Courage to Say Yes

Consider this group study an opportunity—an invitation to be a blessing. Are you ready to see where this open door leads?

SESSION 1 Decisions, Decisions


Decisions, Decisions

Life is brimming with choices. How you choose to spend your time, energy and resources has the power to change today and eternity—for yourself and others.

So ask yourself: do your everyday actions and choices align with your heart and values? Do they reflect who you are and what you care about? This session explores how we can choose to join Jesus on a journey toward more compassionate living. Discover a mindset shift that encourages us to trade-in our trivial, “small soul” problems so we can help alleviate the world’s big problems.

SESSION 2 The Real Reason You’re Here


The Real Reason You’re Here

Why are we here? What’s our purpose? Our hunger for meaning is not by chance; it’s God-given. He has a grand mission, and we each have a role.

God’s desire is that we flourish, using our gifts, passions, callings and blessings so that we can live beyond ourselves and relieve the suffering of others. Human fulfillment is inevitably tied to being a blessing to somebody else. To pursue that, we must learn to walk with eyes wide open and a willingness to engage in the lives of others so we may be conduits for redemption.

SESSION 3 The Power of “Your People”


The Power of “Your People”

The Bible is full of people who achieved more in community than they could have done alone. God created us to connect—to knit our lives together with others.

This session encourages us to take our family and friend relationships to the next level by serving together. When your group becomes a service squad, your relational depth, joy, faith, perseverance, outward focus and sense of connectedness blossom. Service is a proven mental and spiritual health booster. What good could we all bring to the world if we acted together, on mission?

SESSION 4 The Church at Its Best


The Church at Its Best

From cover to cover, the Bible speaks to God’s heart for children and His compassion for the poor. When it comes to ministering to those He loves, God has identified the local church as His chosen tool and strategy to provide defense, service and care.

Consider your church’s work to relieve the plight of the poor. Where do you see impact? Where is there room for improvement? In this session, we dig into what an Acts 2 church looks like and how we could more fully spur on or participate in our own church’s ministry to the poor.

SESSION 5 When “Yes” Spreads


When “Yes” Spreads

When we give, our capacity to give grows. When we serve, our own hearts are served. This give-and-receive dynamic is central to the ways of God.

When we approach life with a “yes” mindset, and walk fearlessly through God’s open doors, we inspire those around us to do the same. The larger world—even those who are not yet Christ followers—will take note. This final session explores contagious compassion and how it can radically transform the lives of people in poverty, as well as the lives of those around us.

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